Briggs and Rory Owners

About Us

Women & sister owned shop, who have fun creating the most adorable bandanas for your pets!

We got started when Nicole began sewing bandanas for her puppy Briggs. She always had leftover fabric from what she was making bandanas for her pup, and saw an opportunity to create a business sharing her favorite fabrics to create bandanas with all of you!

Nicole paired up with her sister Kait who has a business background and between the two of them, Briggs & Rory was created. Nicole is the main designer while Kait runs the behind the scenes part of the shop!

The two of us love shopping small and support many other makers, and are working towards sourcing 100% of our fabric patterns to be designed by individual artists and small business owners as well. (So if you have some favorites you don’t see here let us know as we would love to partner with other makers/artists!).